Welcome to the online home of BiCon 2012

BiCon is an annual gathering for bisexual people, their friends, partners and anyone with a supportive interest in bisexuality. It takes place annually and is held over a long weekend, usually in the summer, and has been hosted at various locations over the years. BiCon 2012 will take took place in Bradford on Thursday 9th – Monday 13th August 2012.

There will be were discussion groups, workshops and activities during the day and social space and entertainment in the evening. Most people chose to stay in the on-site accommodation but we also have had options for registration only (if you live locally or would like to arrange your own accommodation) and one day tickets.

BiCon is a community event run entirely by unpaid volunteers.

The team look forward to helped make sure BiCon 2012 being was a stunning event. If you have any questions or feedback please email us on enquiries email address removed see us at another BiCon.

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