The BiCon Ball

You are cordially invited aboard the HMS BiCon for a sea-faring adventure that’s naughty-cal, but nice!

Help us celebrate the 30th UK BiCon with an oceanic party of DJs, kids’ party games and dancing way into the night.

Shiver your timbers at Pirate Cove, practice slow-motion running on Baywatch Beach, risk your life in shark-infested waters, sing a sea shanty on the deck or have your cake and eat it at the Captain’s table.

Fancy dress is always encouraged but never necessary. Here are some of the more generic ideas we’ve come up with:

  • Pirates
  • Sea creatures
  • Cruisewear
  • Naval uniform
  • Surfers
  • Life guards
  • Mer-people
  • Bathing belles
  • Neptune/Posidon

… but don’t let us dictate, tickle your fancy and stretch your imagination!

All together now! “We all live in a yellow submarine…”


5 Responses to The BiCon Ball

  1. Jen says:

    A purple submarine, shore-ly?

    • Josy says:

      With blue and pink bits, clearly.

      Maybe Anton and Leon (my two plush friends acquired at Leicester in ’08) should dress up as sealions.

  2. charlie says:

    How are the staff about men being topless/shirtless?
    It’s just I got politely asked to cover up last year when I removed my sweaty top, even though I was outside. Would just like to know if just wearing swim-trunks would be considered unacceptable?