Residential bookings are now closed. You can still register for a place at BiCon WITHOUT accommodation by completing the registration form and emailing it to registration email address removed. More detailed instructions on how to register can be found below.









Day Pass






– £17,999





– £23,999





– £29,999





– £39,999





– £49,999





and over










How to book

The first step is to download the Registration Form (if you’re having trouble with the file, here it is as a .doc file) If you would also like to attend BiReCon (attendance is free with you weekend pass) please regsiter here.

If you need a registration form in a different format or in a different font, font size, or font colour please send an email with your requirements to registration email address removed and we will do our best to help.

Once you have registered you need to make arrangements to pay. Scroll down for details of how to do this.

Booking by email
If you would like to send us your registration form by email:

  • Complete the form and save it to your desktop again.
  • Attach the completed form to an email and send your email to registration email address removed with the subject ‘New booking’.

If you do not follow the above instructions you may end up sending us a blank form!

Booking by post
If you would like to send us your registration form in the post,

  • follow the above link to the registration form, print off a copy and complete it by hand (in BLOCK CAPITALS please!)


  • follow the above instructions for booking by email, but instead of emailing the registration form, print it out once you have completed it.
  • post the completed booking form to BiCon 2012, BM BiCon, London WC1N 3XX

We will confirm receipt of your booking as soon as we can.

Paying for BiCon

If you are booking for BiCon in advance you can pay by cheque, BACS or IBAN if you are not in the UK. We are unable to accept payments in cash except at BiCon 2012 itself.

We would prefer to recieve payments by BACS.

Paying by BACS (bank transfer)

We will send details of how to pay by BACS when we confirm your registration.

Paying by cheque or postal order

Cheques should be made payable to BiCon 2012 and posted to BM BiCon, London, WC1N 3XX. Please write your registration number on the back of your cheque.

Please note that payments by cheque will take longer to process.

Paying by cash

If you’d like to pay in cash when you turn up, that’s fine, but please be aware that we won’t be able to sign you in unless we’ve recieved payment in full.

Paying in instalments
If you wish to pay by instalments in order to spread out the cost, state this on
your registration form and/or contact Cat at registration email address removed with a proposed payment schedule. We will reply to your email as soon as possible to agree to your proposed schedule or suggest an alternative one.

Applying for help from the Equalities Fund

We are no longer accepting applications to the Equalities Fund.

As well as using a sliding scale, BiCon also has an Equalities Fund to make coming to BiCon 2012 as accessible as possible to anyone who might want to come. For more information on the Equalities Fund, please see our Access pages.

If you wish to apply for help from the Equalities Fund, when you book for BiCon please also send an email to enquiries email address removed briefly detailing the type of help you need and why you need it. We aim to look at Equalities Fund applications on a monthly basis so you should get a response before long.

• If you wish to book for BiCon accommodation, please note the deadline Friday 29th June 2012. If we do not receive full payment by this date your booking may be cancelled. If you do not want accommodation, you can book up until Friday 3rd August.
• If you want to apply for help from the Equalities Fund please note the deadline for applications is Friday 1st June 2012.
•If you wish to bring children or young people under 16 with you, you need to register by 14 May 2012, as parents with children are housed off-site. If you register after this date we may not be able to provide child-friendly accommodation.

You can upgrade your registration type at any time, subject to the above deadlines. Please contact Cat at registration email address removed if you wish to do this.

Data Protection
We are aware that we have asked for some personal information from you in order to register for BiCon. We will restrict access to your full booking and contact information to team members handling bookings. Other information is only given out to non-bookings handling team on an as needs basis e.g sessions info to sessions coordinator, or access information to accessibility officer.

We will limit information about you at the registration desk to the minimum possible to ensure you get your passes, keys, and any other things that you may need.

We will only pass on your preferred name and email address to BiCon 2013 if you have ticked the box on the registration form agreeing to let us pass your information on to them.

If you have any questions about data protection, or if any information that we are asking for is making you feel reluctant to register for BiCon in any way, please email us on enquiries email address removed and we will do our best to come to some agreement.

Your needs
BiCon has a strong ethos of being as accessible as possible to people with disabilities or health needs.

We will also be publishing an access report on our website which will be found under
the information about the venue, or we can send you a printed copy on request. The sooner we are aware of your needs the more likely we are to be able to provide appropriate information or support. If you are in doubt about any access issues please contact us at enquiries email address removed

Queries about booking
If you have any further questions related to booking for BiCon 2012 that this page hasn’t answered, or if you have a query specific to your personal booking, please contact Cat at registration email address removed

4 Responses to Booking

  1. Patricia Burke says:

    Can I still book for a one day pass and just pay when I get there?

    • david says:

      Advanced booking is now closed but you can come and get a day pass on the day. In fact we tend to get a lot of people turing up at BiCon who haven’t pre-booked. You can pay at the registration desk.

  2. Jess says:


    I’m coming up on Friday after work, so will be arriving late (9.30pm-ish at a guess) – will I be able to sign up for a weekend non-residential pass then, so I can attend the Friday night, Saturday and Sunday stuff?


    — Jess 🙂

    • david says:

      The registration desk closes at 9pm on Friday so if you have not pre-booked and are arriving after that then you will need to phone 0845 287 2044 before 9pm and arrange with one of the team to pick up your pass once you arrive. I think you also have my number so feel free to give me a ring if you have any problems but it should all be fine.

      Also if you have a smart phone download the guidebook BiCon app as it has all the information that you should need. Goto get the app and from within the app use redeem code “Latimer” to get the guide.

      See you there!