The BiCon handbook

Physical copies of both the BiCon handbook and session guide will be provided when you arrive, but if you just can’t wait you can download the booklets as a .pdf by clicking the links below.

The BiCon 2012 handbook

BiCon 2012 session guide

This year we’re very proud to be offering a digital guide to BiCon too via the Guidebook app. The guide is available for android, iOS, Blackberry and web-enabled devices.  To download the app, either scan the qr code to the left or follow these instructions:

1)      Navigate to
2)      Follow the instructions on screen for downloading the guide. There is a native app for iOS and Android devices and a browser based version for all other smart phones.

Once you’ve downloaded the app…
3)      Tap the ‘guidebook’ icon to open the app.
4)      Tap Download Guides
5)      Tap Redeem Code
6)      Type in ‘Latimer’ without the quotes. Please note this is case-sensitive, remember the capital ‘L’!
7)      The guide should automatically download – enjoy!





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