Meet the Team

It’s always nice to know who you’re talking to. Here’s the team of volunteers running BiCon 2012.

Libby – Heading up the BiCon 2012 team along with Sonin, Libby’s role is marketing the event, a role that she also performed for BiCon 2008.

Sonin – Heading up the BiCon 2012 team along with Libby, Sonin is reprising her role of Financial Officer from 2006.

Jen – Jen is your programme and workshop co-ordinator for BiCon 2012.

Laura – Entertainment that doesn’t quite fit into the category of ‘workshop’ is Laura’s domain. Watch this space for news of the evening (and maybe daytime) events that we’ll be hosting.

David – Apart from being our token boy, David is our webmaster. He’s responsible for making sure the BiCon website has everything you need, and, hopefully, that it works.

Cat – When you register, that information goes to Cat. She’s in charge of the registration desk at BiCon, as well as overseeing all our wonderful volunteers.

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